The mission of the International Institute for Facilitation is to maintain and advance certification for facilitators at the Masters level.

Board of Directors


Eileen Dowse, Ph.D., CMF
Human Dynamics, Inc.
Board Chair
Director Assessor Recruiter and Development

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Prabu Naidu, CMF, CPF
Facilitators Network Singapore
Director of International Development (Asia, Africa, EMENA and Oceania)

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Dorothea Brennan, CMF
Crows Nest Facilitation
Director of Stakeholder Relations

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Eddie Turner, CCF
Eddie Turner LLC
Director of Marketing and Communications

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Michael Wilkinson, CMF, CPF
Leadership Strategies, Inc.
Director of Certification

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Michael Barrett, CMF, CPF
Resonance, LLC
Director of Administration

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Lisa Keenan
CMF (Jelk Solutions)

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The Board of Directors serves as the leadership of The International Institute for Facilitation. The Board is responsible for developing the Institute’s strategic plan, including broad goals, measurable objectives and annual initiatives. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the property, affairs and business of the Institute.

  • The Board of Directors consists of five (5) members.
  • Board members serve the following roles:
    • Administration
    • Assessor Development
    • Certification and Recruiter Development
    • Global Relations
    • Asian Regional Development
    • Marketing and Communications
  • Board members serve two-year terms.
  • Board members are required to have achieved the designation of Certified Master Facilitator™ or Provisional Master Facilitator.
  • A Nominations and Elections Committee of the Board is responsible for directing the selection process for Board members.

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