Apply for Certification

To become a Certified Master Facilitator™ requires that you submit four items for review and assessment.

  • You must demonstrate that you meet the experience requirements for certification by documenting your relevant facilitated sessions over the three-year period prior to application.
  • You must submit reference letters from a minimum of five clients.
  • You must provide a written submission that responds to questions about your knowledge and experience across each of the 30 sub-competencies that make up the Master Facilitator Competencies.
  • You must submit a written facilitator guide and a video of you facilitating a session based on a topic and specific participant role plays provided by INIFAC.
Certified Faciliators

These four components are divided into the following two stages:

Stage-I Package
  • Application Form
  • Experience Form
  • Emailed or PDF Letters of Reference
Check or PayPal
  • Certification Fee $2350 USD


Stage-II Package
  • Written Submission
  • Facilitation Plan
  • Video
  • Participant Forms - signed



Learn the complete process for certification: