Certified Competent Facilitator

The Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF) is part of INIFAC’s focus to ‘maintain and advance certification for facilitators at the Masters level’. This basic certification level helps a person proceed with their professional development and strive towards becoming a Certified Master Facilitator™ (CMF).

INIFAC – International Institute for Facilitation – is committed to the development, maintenance, evaluation, promotion and administration of a rigorous, experience and examination-based process culminating with the issuance of a globally recognized professional credential.

Individuals who have attained the Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF) may apply for the Certified Master Facilitator™ (CMF) when they feel they can meet and qualify for the criteria of master certification.

Summary of Requirements:

  • Experience: 7 facilitated sessions over a three year period prior to the application.
  • Knowledge: Written responses to 30 questions related to sub-competencies (these are the same for the CMF).
  • Performance: Videotape of a simulated facilitated session accompanied by a detailed facilitation agenda and guide.
  • Client References: 3 client reference letters
  • Assessment: Score at least a 2.5 or higher but not more than a 4.0 in each of the six competency areas on both the knowledge assessment and the performance assessment.
  • Assessment fee: $1000 USD.