Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did INIFAC get started?
  • The International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC) was created in 2003 when five facilitators came together to develop a certification program at the masters level that would achieve several objectives:
    • Define a set of facilitator competencies and sub-competencies, with input from facilitators and clients, which define the knowledge and skills needed to achieve outstanding facilitated sessions.
    • Establish the highest degree of rigor and consistency available by implementing defined scoring guidelines for each competency and sub-competency.
    • Promote the highest standard available for facilitator quality by requiring an 80% or higher assessment score in each competency.
  • Following a review of existing competency models, the initiating team developed a draft of competencies and sub-competencies specifically designed to define the knowledge and skills needed to achieve outstanding facilitated sessions.
  • To gain additional input on competencies, the initiating team commissioned a research project that included a survey of over 450 facilitators and clients. The survey requested participants to 1) respond to the definition of an outstanding facilitated session, 2) identify the facilitator skills needed to achieve an outstanding facilitated session, and 3) rate the importance of 57 skills in achieving an outstanding facilitated session.
  • Using the input gathered, the initiating team redrafted the competencies by dropping some, adding others and modifying many. The result is the “Master Facilitator Competencies” with six competencies and 30 sub-competencies.
  • From this initial start, four of the five members of the initiating team went on to become Board members for the International Institute for Facilitation.
2. What is INIFAC’s purpose?

The mission of the International Institute for Facilitation is to maintain and advance certification for facilitators at the Masters level.

3. How do I become a Certified Master Facilitator™?
  • To become a Certified Master Facilitator™ requires you submit four items for review and assessment. Below you will find a simple explanation of the four items. For the interested CMF candidate, we highly recommend you thoroughly read the requirement details. A. You must document a minimum of 30 distinct facilitated sessions over the three-year period prior to application. (Certified Competent Facilitators and Certified Professional Facilitators received credit for 15 sessions.) B. You must submit reference letters from a minimum of five clients. C. You must provide a written submission that responds to questions about your knowledge and experience across each of the 30 sub-competencies that make up the Master Facilitator Competencies. D. You must submit a written facilitator guide and a video of you facilitating a session based on a topic and specific participant role plays provided by INIFAC.
  • Two INIFAC-certified assessors will assess and review your certification package.
4. What are INIFAC’s services?
  • Sustain and maintain two credentials:
    • Certified Master Facilitator™
    • Certified Competent Facilitator
  • Maintaining a Training Course Accreditation.
  • Offering organizational support through our Partners in Facilitator Development program.
  • Recertification of CMF, and Training Accreditation.
  • Facilitator Resources page on our website.
  • Contact information of all CMF’s around the world.
5. What are the costs?
  • Certified Master Facilitator™ is $2,350 USD or a Certified Competent Facilitator is $900 USD.   Recertification once in three years is $300 USD.
  • Training Accreditation is $2,000. Recertification once every three years is $500 USD.
  • Partners in Facilitator Development ranges from $11,000 to $30,000 USD.
8. Is there a recertification requirement?
  • Yes, individuals who have attained the CMF must demonstrate an ongoing professional commitment by satisfying INIFAC’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program once in 3 years. Terms of the CCR program and the Application Submission forms are in this handbook. Click Here.
  • For organizations who own an INIFAC Training Course Accreditation, the training course need to be recertified.