Guiding Principles

  • The Training Course Accreditation assessment is based on Master Facilitator Competencies.
  • Accreditation is given to an individual training course, and not a training organization.
  • INIFAC’s Facilitation Skills Training Course Accreditation is not in the form of an examination. Instead, the accreditation process is designed to give the facilitation skills training provider:
    • the opportunity to see how their program aligns with the Master Facilitator Competencies
    • a confirmation and independent assurance that the facilitation training course provides the appropriate knowledge, skills, and resources to the client for obtaining the necessary competencies to facilitate.

Application Content

  • Part I. General Information
  • Part II. Timed Agenda – (Coordination & Flow Component)
  • Part III. Competency Coverage – (CMF Competency Component)
  • Part IV. Participant Practice Sessions – (Action Learning Component)
  • Part V. Instructional Competencies – (Adult Learning Component)
  • Part VI. Trainers – (Instructor Component)
  • Part VII. Materials – (Resource Component)
  • Part VIII. References – (Confirmation Component)

Five Steps to Accreditation

  1. Application Development
  2. Application Submission
  3. Application Evaluation
  4. Accreditation Results
  5. Re certification