Your Competency Profile

Self Assessment

At the completion of this assessment you will be provided with a score and graphical representation of your self-assessed "current state" in terms of your facilitation skills as measured against the core competencies.

The International Institute for Facilitation conducted a research project to help define the knowledge, skills and experiences a facilitator should possess to consistently lead outstanding facilitated sessions.  Over 450 facilitators and clients responded to the survey.

  • The research project included a survey which presented respondents with a definition of an outstanding facilitated session.
  • The survey invited the respondents to add to or modify the definition.
  • The survey asked respondents to rate the importance of 57 skills in achieving an outstanding facilitated session. The researchers compiled the skills based on a review of existing facilitator competency models and facilitator training curriculums.
  • The survey also gave the respondents the opportunity to add to the list of skills.

The researchers used the ratings and comments to finalize the 6 competencies and 30 sub-competencies that make up the Master Facilitator Competencies. The acronym “PACĀ³E” is used to describe the competencies.

This assessment incorporates the six core competencies and sub-competencies with, when mastered form the foundation of a Certified Master Facilitator.

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