The INIFAC Assessment Tools

INIFAC provides your facilitators, your administrator and your assessors with a wealth of tools and expert assistance for implementing your own Facilitator Development Program:

  • The Facilitator Competency Model will form the foundation for your Facilitator Development Program. Through the six competencies and 30 sub-competencies, you will be able to assess the development of your facilitators as they achieve facilitation mastery.
  • The Candidate Forms provides the instructions and on-line instruments to be used by your candidates for assessment.
  • The Video Role Plays provide a series of case studies with specific roles that are designed to require the candidate to exercise the full breadth of INIFAC competencies and sub-competencies.
  • The Procedures show your administrator the specific steps to take in organizing and coordinating the assessment program
  • The Assessor Guides are the heart of the development program. The guides provide specific scoring guidelines for your assessors to use in assessing each of the 30 sub-competencies on a five-point scale. Separate guides are used for assessing the written submission and the video role play. These guides establish a standard of rigor to help achieve a high-level of consistency and reliability throughout the development process.
  • To help you in implementing your Facilitator Development Program, you will receive Expert Assistance from a Certified Master Facilitator™ who understands the mechanisms of the program and how to guide your program implementation team through the process. Depending on the licensing option you select, the assistance will include telephone support and/or on-site assistance through the phases of the implementation process.